A documentary film providing an exclusive and immersive look at the process of Pixar Animation Studios filmmakers Aphton Corbin (”Twenty Something”) and Louis Gonzales (“Nona”) as they step into the leadership role and strive to bring their uniquely personal SparkShorts visions to the screen.


Pixar Animation Studios’ “Dug Days” is a collection of shorts that follows the humorous misadventures of Dug, the lovable dog from Disney and Pixar’s “Up.” Each short features everyday events that occur in and around Dug’s backyard, all through the exciting (and delightfully distorted) eyes of our favorite talking dog.


Set before the events of Disney and Pixar’s Oscar®-winning feature film “Soul,” 22 refuses to go to Earth, enlisting a gang of 5 other new souls in her attempt at rebellion. However, as her cohorts’ activities lead to unexpected results, 22’s subversive plot may actually lead to a surprising revelation about the meaning of life.


Pixar Popcorn is a collection of 10 mini shorts that features characters from Pixar favorites like “Toy Story,” “Finding Nemo,” “Cars” and “The Incredibles” in all-new, bite-size stories.


Dive into the waters below and watch the aquatic wildlife from the world of Nemo and Dory